George Tremayne [on right] with a group of tourists near Rotorua, New Zealand 1908


The Tremayne Family Heritage


George Trevelyan Tremayne with
son Trevelyan William
Tremayne c.1913

Ivy May Tremayne (nee Pritchard) with son
Trevelyan William Tremayne c.1933

Ivy Tremayne with son
Trevelyan W Tremayne

Amy Rademacher (nee Scott) wife of Frederick Rademacher. Born 1877, Died 1970


Amy Rademacher with daughter, Gloria, who would marry Trevelyan W Tremayne c.1935

1948 Papatoetoe. Amy Rademacher, Gloria Tremayne, Frederick Rademacher, and the little hooligans behind: Peter William and David Trevelyan Tremayne

1948 Hunua Falls. George Trevelyan Tremayne with his two grandsons: David and Peter Tremayne
c.1940 Papatoetoe. Trevelyan William Tremayne as a RNZAF Officer, WWII
c.1949 Huka Falls. Gloria Tremayne with her sons: Peter and David Tremayne

c.1955 Summit of Mount Tarawera. Peter and David Tremayne with their adventurous father Trevelyan William Tremayne

c.1952 Gloria and Trevelyan William Tremayne dressed up for a WWII Veterans function
David Trevelyan Tremayne in his radio shack in Papatoetoe 1956
Peter William Tremayne during fighter pilot training with the RNZAF in 1957

David Trevelyan Tremayne with his paternal grandparents, Ivy and George Tremayne in Papatoetoe 1956

Christmas 1957 at Lake Tarawera. From the left: Trevelyan, Gloria, Ivy, David, George Tremayne and Amy Rademacher
1957. Cadet Pilot Peter William Tremayne awarded the Brevet Club Trophy for top of class
1957. Pilot Officer Peter William Tremayne on Wings Graduation Day
1958. Squadron Leader Trevelyan William Tremayne with son Pilot Officer Peter William Tremayne
1957. Officer Cadets Peter William Tremayne and Neil Grant
Rotorua, New Zealand 1981: Peter William Tremayne's wedding to Marilyn Sue Hudson - from a famous Bush Pilot's family in Alaska. From the left: Humi Tremayne (David's wife), Peter, Marilyn, Gloria, Ivy, David, son Bill, and the patriarch - Trevelyan William Tremayne -all Tremaynes from a 1,000 year lineage.






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